With the power of Gamification we can solve many problems, they are not “just games”. Gamification is about adding game elements into nongame environments. We can help you harness this potential to motivate people, engage audiences, or find new ways to power up your business by leveraging our technologies.


Serious Games

Advergame Solution

Gamified advertisement is the most effective web-based addition to a modern marketing campaign.

Advergames, as playable ads or simple interactive ad unit, improves brand awareness and customer retention. It’s a measurable engagement tool that can be used for lead generation (and much more).

Gives your brand a spin.

Serious Games Solution

Playing is the most effective and natural way to learn and retain new information. Fun and education feed each other, while captivating the audience with modern edutainment experiences. Serious games (or applied games) are games that have another purpose besides entertainment. But hey it’s serious, not boring!

Cloud Console Solution

A seamless way to create incentive activities.
Live a unique and interactive experience during a webinar or an event.

You only need a shared screen and a phone to get started.

Ingredients we like to use

Tech babble for someone, daily bread for us

Games for everyone

Our recipe

From the idea spark to the implementation, we can take care of any or all stages of video game production, our team is flexible and dynamic. Game designers, programmers, multimedia artists are ready to bring your idea to life.


Playing games is a universal right: this is why we deeply care about making games accessible (even for Blind). We don’t like barriers, and this is our fuel to go beyond.


Our company offers design and development services that can help you reach out to your audience. We believe in the power of games and we want to show you the full potential of our creativity.