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Cloud Console is our real-time multiplayer game system where your phone is the controller and any smart-screen could be the console. Requiring no hardware that users don’t already own.

What is Cloud Console
It is a real-time multiplayer game system, where users interact with a common screen, where the game is displayed, through their smartphones:

  • Innovative Multiplayer System
    Use the smartphone like a controller and play on the main screen.
  • Powered by HTML 5 Technology
    Thanks to the technologies used, it’s not necessary to download any additional application. Visitors only need to access the web page of the controls, via QR code or link, to be immediately launched into the gaming experience.
  • Customized for each client
    By combining your knowledge and our expertise in the development of educational video games, Rising Pixel guarantees you the creation of original and engaging experience

In colaboration with Elder Museum of Science and Technology of Gran Canaria, we created two Cloud Console games to be part of the exhibition ‘Time for Change. An experience Con_ciencia”, an innovative experience that seeks to generate environmental awareness in citizens.

Ocean Keepers

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to clean the ocean? Now you can be part of the Ocean Keepers cleanup squad at the Elder Museum.”

In this Cloud Console Game, your smartphone is the controller! Scan the QR code on the main screen to join the game and control your cleaning submarine. Alongside the other players you will have to remove the mountains of garbage floating on the ocean. But be careful with the fish, you have to be respectful of the environment!

Forest Keepers

“Move that plant a little more to the right… No, better more to the left… No, better… Wait, is that plant on fire?”

Forest Keepers is a multiplayer Cloud Console Game made for Elder Museum, where you use your smartphone to rearrange the plants in your garden. Your mission? To plant the most beautiful garden possible through teamwork. One last detail, you will always move to the rhythm of the music!

The plants have colored borders, place them next to others with the same color to score points. From time to time a fire may break out; be attentive to collect water and put them out. Don’t stop dancing, I mean, planting with Forest Keepers.

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