Good Girl Sûpreme Experience

Good Girl Sûpreme Experience

Virtual experience to advertise and promote

Carolina Herrera, the luxury fashion brand, hosted a virtual exclusive experience for its industry to present his new perfume Good Girl Sûpreme in a digital global event via Zoom.

Our idea was to promote the brand with an “escape room” style storytelling experience, in this way giving a revolutionary concept of how to bring to the participants an exciting way to experiment with the brand new product. 

The core of the event was taking part in a team-building cloud console experience seasoned with a compelling storytelling with a dual purpose of teaching and advertising. But… How does this work?

  • Using Zoom call as the platform
    The users start the experience via Zoom when the teams know each other and the moderator talks about the brand new product.

  • Team creation for better experience
    Once the entry call is finished, the users will be grouped by teams to make the experience more entertaining

  • Instructions Videos
    The moderator should give some directions in order to make the users understand better the workflow on the virtual event, also using some videos as an immersive option.

  • Scan the QR code to join, without downloading anything
    The users scan the QR code on the phone from their computer screens. The phone will be the controller for this experience.

  • The Moderator guides the users
    In this case, the master screen is controlled by a captain or Moderator, to guide the users through this journey. If a user doesn’t know what to do, they can easily ask the Moderator in order to understand.
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