Space Crew

Space Crew

Digital Team Building Games

“Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats, the game is about to begin.

All together you are about to board the spaceship Echo V to embark on a journey that will take you to Ithaca, a new world away from earth, the first capable of meeting the requirements to support human life.

You have been selected as the forerunner team, you will be the first settlers on the planet.

Ithaca is ready to welcome you. Air, water, earth and raw materials: there is everything you need to give birth and grow to a civilization. And that’s not all, the planet also promises to be a source of new discoveries and research opportunities!

It is up to you to reach Ithaca, build homes and basic infrastructure, identify the location of the system’s energy sources and, ultimately, protect the planet from potential dangers.”

By creating a fun environment where a team can be safely put under pressure, people can challenge and surpass their own limitations. Digital team building experiences have many advantages, like:

  • Improved coordination and collaboration
  • Improved information retention.
  • For both physical or virtual events.
  • 500+ concurrent users.
  • Analytics and advanced stats.
  • Easy setup thanks to Cloud Console.

New technologies are capable of closing huge distances between people. By adding gamification into the mix, it’s possible to generate emotional engagement. 

We developed Cloud Console as a modern and immersive format for people to interact: a main screen, shared through a group call or in a physical location, the smartphone of each participant is used as a controller, allowing people to collaborate or compete in a shared experience.

No additional hardware or app required. Cloud Console runs on bleeding edge html5 technology for a seamless experience.

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