"We develop software and products that allow you to maximize the performance boost of your company."

We can develop cross-platform (Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Web) apps, or dynamic and responsive websites (for both company or B2C) if  you want to always be online and easily reachable on all devices.

We develop amazing software if you need to fire photographers and stop paying them.

Our services

Applied Engineering Solutions

The Engineering process involves complex processes and fine-grained operations that consume too much time. Save time in complex engineering tasks by developing a custom software tool with us for your business and move forward from old technology to the newest and maintainable .NET technology; take advantage of the extra time to be the number one in the industry.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Automate large amounts of data, text, and images by creating an intelligent solution with us that eases your tasks, and simplifies decision making.

Custom Configurators

Let the client customize every feature of your product with a Custom Configurator. Take advantage of our expertise creating, in collaboration with ComputerCity, and add a Custom Configurator to your e-Commerce.

Website services

A website is a powerful tool for sharing information with clients and for e-commerce businesses. Reach more clients by creating a well-designed site with us that accomplishes your communicative and selling goals.

We use a high range of tools

Always adapted to your needs