Super Experimental Games

GameJam are hackathons where in a short period of time teams (sometimes different from the usual ones) try to create a product around a common theme. They are a great way to get out of one’s comfort zone and try to produce something much more out of the box. Even if the products are not then always continued, they are the basis or reference for future projects and a way to set new limits for themselves that they want to overcome.

Game Jam, Hackathons, Creativity, Experimental

Rising Pixel at GameJams
Rising Pixel at GameJams

About the experience

The out-of-the-box nature of these projects makes it difficult to categorize or aggregate them. We therefore preferred to leave it to, the platform par excellence in hosting these kinds of games, to help us present games where you will sell ice cream in the form of a giant monster, make time move with your voice, communicate with aliens with a musical keyboard, or navigate the meanders of Wikipedia in metaphorical multiplayer experiences.