Space Wave Race

Playing is a universal right and we love to demonstrate it by making experience REALLY for everyone. Space Wave Race was created as an experimental project in collaboration with IVProduction and RAI Public Utilities to experiment with new methodology in creating playful works accessible to an audience with visual and motor disabilities without sacrificing immediate playability.

Syfy game, Accessible, 3D Art, Unity, Spaceships

The audiogame

“Listen, move and prepare yourself to beat your enemies in the big spatial race”.
Space Wave Race is an accessible game about spatial races where the player must drive a customizable spaceship, being the fastest and best shooter ever! Cross alternative solar systems, space ruins, alien engineering works, asteroids, incandescent stars and much more. These elements involve dangers and sometimes advantages to be exploited during the race, becoming the experience in a real adventure.

Try the full game now on Steam, and iOS.