In collaboration with Snam, we’ve developed an innovative gamification experience aimed at enhancing the training process for on-site excavation teams. Leveraging our expertise in serious games and custom solutions, Scariten offers a unique blend of storytelling, decision-making, and real-world scenarios. The project is designed to be more than just a “user manual,” focusing on key aspects like communication, wear and tear issues, and unexpected event management.

Teach, Visual Novel, Quiz, SeriousGames

The game

“Welcome to Scariten, where you’re not just a player but a crucial member of the Excavation Squad. Your mission? Navigate through real-world challenges using effective communication and problem-solving skills.”

In this visual novel-style game, you’ll find yourself in a cartoonish yet believable environment. The game offers a branching narrative, allowing you to make decisions that affect the outcome. Interspersed with mini-games and interactive elements, Scariten aims to cement the learning process while providing moments of reflection and engagement.

Designed for cross-platform compatibility, it’s accessible via PC and mobile devices without the need for any downloads, thanks to HTML5 technology. With an average completion time of just 20 minutes, Scariten serves as a quick yet impactful supplement to traditional training methods.