No More Power Ups

No More Power Ups

“Run, defeat your enemies and deliver you cards!”

They cannot kill you, but they will take you of everything you have. A “Metroidvania” platformer in which abilities are gained by defeating a number of enemies, but can be lost if attacked by them a number of times.

The game was made in HTML5 during No More Sweden 2014, in less than 24 hours, and following “enemies don’t hurt you” and “hard” as themes. The game features low-res pixel-art styled graphics,  killing and letting accumulate hordes of enemies and all of the satisfaction that comes from doing so.

Play the game and check the full project on Game Jolt: No More Power Ups

No More Power UPS can be played from any browser, given that you are on a device with a keyboard or controller and which supports HTML5. The character is moved by using the arrow keys, Z is for jumping, and X (assuming you have the ability!) is for firing your gun. To enjoy the game at its fullest you should also plug in a gamepad (xbox 360’s one is definitely supported, as for the others… no idea!), turn up the volume and play on a wide screen (ENORMOUS pixels!).

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