Nirvana Piñata

Nirvana Piñata

Inhale… exhale… inhale… nirvana!

You are a Piñata, tired of his stressful job, who is looking for mental peace through a Yoga spiritual evolution. With the help of Yodragon Guru you will try to reach Nirvana with the posing techniques of Hatha Yoga. Practice makes perfect, imitation is the way to achieve that…

Replicate the Guru’s poses, don’t lose your mind or break your legs… Yoga can be a dangerous business.

Drag the character’s limbs, maintain position and pass each level through increasingly difficult Asanas (the name for Yoga Poses).

Brand new Nirvana Piñata game graphic project. Original game prototype we made for King Game Jam 2018 in Barcelona, winner of Art Award. 

To see the entire design project, check out our Behance portfolio: Nirvana Piñata

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