Neuro Ski

Neuro Ski

The game you can control even with your mind, for real!

Prototype made during the HackDisabilities, an hackathon focused on solving everyday problems of people with sensorial disabilities. We didn’t want to design a game only for disabled people, but a game playable by everyone. So we developed NeuroSki, a one-touch game playable also by people who can’t move at all or blind people.

Objective: Passing through the checkpoints as quickly as possible.

Controls: Pressing turns the player to the next flag but slowing down, Releasing the skier accelerates straight.


  • Play by single touch, keyboard or mouse.
  • Play by voice or blow.
  • Play by mind sensor device (NeuroSky Mindwave).
  • Playable by motion and visually impaired.
  • Enjoyable for everyone.
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Our skills, added to a build up methodology, have the plus of being sustainable by a great genuine interest in technologies.

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