Michelin School Projects

“Dalla Terra Alla Luna and Auto del Futuro”.
We believe in games to educate and to teach others. “Dalla Terra Alla Luna” and “Auto del Futuro” are both educational projects made for Michelin Italia, collaborated with Granadilla to realize the dedicated app for tablets in HTML5. The first one focused on mobility, and the second one teaches about the history of mobility innovation.

Game to teach, Serious game, HTML5

Michelin's serious game car models.
Michelin's gamification experience

Why a Serious Game

Serious games enable students and professionals to learn through fun activities. Fun and education feed each other, while captivating the audience with modern edutainment experiences. Some of the advantages are:

  • Firsthand audience engagement.
  • Improved information retention.
  • Playable on multiple platforms.
  • Reduced education costs.
  • Analytics and advanced stats.
  • Can be integrated with social platforms or LMS.