Gran Sasso Videogame

Gran Sasso Videogame

An unexpected space-time event has thrown an alien named Zot into the Gran Sasso Laboratories.

Made for Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso and winner of “Premio PA sostenibile 100 progetti per raggiungere gli obiettivi dell’Agenda 2030”.

Adventure game for young adults to unveil the “secrets” beneath the surface of key research centered around particle and nuclear physics.

“The game is based on solar neutrinos, reactions in the stars, the existence of dark matter, the prevalence of matter over antimatter and other pioneering research areas. Discover more about these topics by checking the relevant files in the Physics section”.

“Gran Sasso Videogame was made to get into classrooms! On the Education page you can find some material and a few teaching tips and examples for lesson plan preparing”.

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