Game Pix

GamePix was born as an Italian startup in 2013 and thanks to partnerships with Microsoft, Nokia, Kaspersky Lab, Miniclip and Zeptolab it has become one of the most used global HTML5 video game platforms. Rising Pixel, together with Computer City, took care of the development of the dedicated Windows Phone app during the App Campus Program. “La scintilla che ha dato vita ad un progetto di successo.”

HTLM5, Software, App

The concept behind the project

Today HTML5 has largely supplanted flash and created new possibilities for frictionless experiences unthinkable many years ago. Rising Pixel and GamePix were pioneers in this and found themselves collaborating to find a way to flesh out the ideas of a project that had several pivots before finding the configuration that today has found one of the undisputed leaders in the field, GamePix