Drop Undead

Drop Undead

Drop Undead is an ability game where the player plays as a zombie equipped with a Jetpack Suit free-falling from an airplane and trying to survive as long as possible while evading scraps and catching money. This is all set-up for a new fantastic television show where sponsors bet on how long the zombie will survive against all the obstacles that are thrown at him, but don’t worry you’ll be able to find items that are designed to help you along the fall! If it seems impossible to survive upgrade the zombie (after he’s dead, of course) and go for another try with improved abilities.

In Drop Undead you play as a jetpack-equipped zombie created to be the main star of a television show. His mission is to survive as long as possible for the entertainment of the sponsors. During the fall he’ll have evade a great deal of stuff that will otherwise damage him. Luckily it will be possible to find items designed to help him in the job, like a Laser that erase all that it’s coming at him or a Clock that can slow down time.


du_screen1   du_screen2


But one of the most important task is to collect the highest amount of money with every fall. Since it’s inevitable that the zombie will at the end be too damaged to continue, every time he’ll be reconstructed it will be possible to upgrade some parts of him to make the next fall a little easier!

Drop Undead was born as an experiment in HTML5, and is designed to be played directly from your browser web or your smartphone/tablet. It has been built using Construct 2 and it’s the first game that we created, making us very proud to finally bring it to you.