Close Remixes of the 3rd Kind

Close Remixes of the 3rd Kind

Aliens are strange. They communicate through musical words, remixing them. Learn their language!

Close Remixes of the Third Kind is an uncommon “typing rhythm game” winner of the 24h MTV #MegaGameJam 2015. It use an innovative system to read MIDI interface thought HTML5.

You are a wandering disco-astronaut in the space, and you make contact with an alien race which you discover that the only communicates… through music. The inhabitants of this vinyl planet want to communicate, but on their terms:

  1. NEVER repeat what the other just said. Echo back is rude and resonance is dangerous to the alien race.
  2. Use ONLY the same notes of your interlocutor and arrange them differently. It’s profound discourtesy to introduce new notes in a dialogue.
  3. REMIX is the only way to increase the comprehension (the bar on the upper left), a better remix means better comprehension.
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