Whether it’s our own product or a third party’s, we can provide you with the right IT person to handle your infrastructure with care. From our offices in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we are strategically located to support your business. From the GMT time zone and on the oceanic backbone of the Internet.

Remote Support

We handle your corporate network by providing quality system support contracts both for servers and clients. Our services usually covers 5 days a week during the working hours.

The activation deals with diverses profiles, we’ll be more than happy to help you out find the best fits for your needs, but first we’ll have to work on the architecture assessment.

Performance Optimizations

Our day by day lies on audit virtual environments, we usually analyze customer’s Systems to check their critical points, replan their settings and avoid any performance losses. Thanks to that we’ve increased performances up to 600% to better get real time data processes for some critical business customers, we’ve optimized both VMWare and XenServer infrastructure.

DataCenter Management

To better get your data center needs we’ll first check your system, this will be the best practice. Our team will be ready to find the right answer whenever you need it. They’ll work together efficiently and brilliantly with the suited solution for you. Our motto is Accuracy and Strength. 

These are the analysis cornerstone of the troubleshooting method and we’ll keep it in mind while we work together on what your company’s needs.

Ingredients we like to use

Tech babble for someone, daily bread for us

We worked with

Some of our numbers

VM performance
+ 0 %
Average increase 200% in VM performance.
Virtual servers
+ 0
Migrated more than 90000 physical and virtual servers.
Managed services
0 %
99% uptime of managed services.
Renewable sources
0 %
It is projected that 59% of energy will come from renewable sources (by 2030 in Canary Island).

Some of our highlighted projects