Game Jam

  • Close Remixes Of The Third Kind

    Close Remixes Of The Third Kind

    Close Remixes of the Third Kind is an uncommon “typing rhythm game” made in 24h during the MTV#MegaGameJam.

  • Notzilla Ice Cream Vendor
  • Turnin’ Graves

    Turnin’ Graves

    Theme: “Perpetual motion in graveyards, perpetual stillness of life”

  • No More Power UPS

    No More Power UPS

    NoMorePowerUPS, the game developed during NMS14 by Rising Pixel.



    “The Legend Of The Jetpack Gentleman With His Freezing Gun Who Only Has One Chance!”

  • OMNOMNOM Aquarium fun

    OMNOMNOM Aquarium fun

    Experimental and funny multiplayer game for arcade machine.

  • Moly Run

    Moly Run

    “I still have nightmares about holding German sausages over my head”. @PeterMolydeux

  • Scouting Scouts

    Scouting Scouts

    Scouting Scouts, the running/shooter competition game developed for arcade machine during NMS12 by Rising Pixel.