Web & App

In a world where the mobile utilization is in steady growth (last year the number of pages visited from desktop decrease up to 13% instead the mobile is increased up to 39%), where the social platforms register a penetration rate up to 46% and a purchase conversion rate always increasing. We at Rising Pixel are developers that create software and product that allow you to maximize the performance boost of your company.

We develop app cross-platform (Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Web) and dynamic and responsive websites for company or B2C. In this way, you will always be online and easily reachable, on all the devices.

App Mobile

App mobile

What you think is impossible, we can do it. That it will be a native code app or in a more convenient cross-platform. HTML5 to us is the same; we can transform your ideas in application to all devices, offering a stunning graphic and an amazing user experience.

Web Development

Web development

The website is your doormat, your straight hand to new clients.
Do you need a dynamic website, responsive, mobile-first, with e-commerce, signing up and, why not, in-app version, isn’t it? We can do it and much more. We can create a pack of custom solutions with a streamlined user experience, catchy and with a graphic in harmony with your style, that will become essential and an interactive work instruments for you, thanks to a high managing and elaboration of the input and the acquired data.
From the back-end to the front-end, we do it all; you only need to tap.

Code Outsourcing

Code outsourcing

We are developers, ninjas in .NET technology, ready to create your ideas. A project that starts from the bottom or the evolution of an existing one: we know how to throw out our best to adapt it to your new needs.
Do you have a iOS or Android and do you want to port it to Windows Phone? We can think about the porting or to develop specific plug-in, in this way you can offer to all your clients the most complete and most addictive experience.
Realize the infinite possibility that we are showing you.