IT Solutions

Our services target are your needs: “tailor-made” means to us, a meticulous analysis of the existing situation to build the best solution to your company.

We offer Business Consulting services, Application Management, Assessment and Tuning of a virtual environment. We Develop support elements to integrate into the existing infrastructure or develop from scratch managing and support services that reply to the real needs today and in the future of your business.




Remote delivery center

Remote delivery center

We offer Application Management and System Building services that give you the advantage of having custom turnkey projects, further, a Governance structure to manage and coordinate the operativity, identify the growing opportunity of the service quality and have reports on SLA and KPI agreed.



The virtualization technology gives us the ability to deliver High Availability services; that means that we could guarantee the continuity also in hardware fault case. The provisioning (installation) of servers and virtual machines is simplified; moreover, in a virtual environment, the managing of disaster recovery is automatic.
The data Backup is easier too. With virtualization, the management of the systems becomes centralized, and we reduce the number of physical servers in the company. In this way, we cut costs and energy consumption.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Every project starts with the analysis, typically an Assessment on the systems status. Our team is prepared to respond to every question to develop the idea in the much efficient and brilliant way: the accuracy and the strength of the analysis process can be the keystone of the researched solution.
We provide our competence to elaborate the solution based on your company needs.