Rising Pixel is a team of expert born to reply to the growing need for IT solutions and structured and customized software. With us, you could choose from a wide range of customized services, designed for each kind of request and budget.
Our job is to produce and develop your ideas, converting them to become winning projects with our continuous experimentation and innovation.
Our skills, added to a build up methodology, have the plus of being sustainable by a great genuine interest in technologies.
Rising Pixel means to increase (Rising) or a continuous evolution of an established reality (Pixel): we choose the perfection of a linear thinking written in binary code, with the gorgeousness of a 4D world.

IT Solutions


Our services target are your needs: “tailor-made” means to us, a meticulous analysis of the existing situation to build the best solution to your company.

We offer Business Consulting services, Application Management, Assessment and Tuning of a virtual environment. We optimize your work.

Desktop, Web and App Solutions


Boost your business with a custom solution adapted to your needs either a software, a web service or a mobile application.



To us the game has always been serious and the most creative part of our job. Since the beginning, we develop experimental games, out of the box, which also includes services like B2C or B2B.

Classic 2D game, serious game or accessible game? Keep in touch or visit our portfolio to discover that nothing is impossible to us.

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