Scouting Scouts

Scouting Scouts

Scouting Scouts is a running competition between 4 nice girl scouts along the screen edges. You can shoot at enemies and jump to avoid the obstacles. Scouts are nature-loving and disown violence: so they use non-lethal weapons that don’t hurt the opponent but just slow them down. To make it all more dangerous there’s this evil Totem which throws bombs at you. Each lap awards 100 points, every accused hit makes you lose 1-2 points and slows you down. It’s better not to exceed with shots and jumps because they slow down the player too. The winner is the first who reaches 300 points.

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Scouting Scouts was made for the 2012 edition of “No More Sweden”: the yearly swedish jam which brings together developers from all over Europe. The game was developed in two days and was designed to be played on an arcade machine made for the event, some time after the user interface has been modified to be eligible on normal pc or common gamepads.



Luglio 7, 2012