Generalist C# Programmer

Generalist C# Programmer


Job description

We are looking for a talented programmer who has a passion for software development. We believe in people who are passionate about their profession, people who are hungry to learn and improve. Every team member brings positive energy to others.

The keywords are “Passion” and “Flexibility” : we are small and innovative so you’re hardly going to make the same thing every day.


  • Designing and implementing code architecture
  • Meeting deadlines and producing high quality code (MVC and data driven)
  • Work both in gaming and software project (B2B games, gamificated apps, desktop applications)

Required skills

  • Strong OO programming skills in C# knowledge of .NET
  • Excellent communication skills in English or Italian language
  • Good knowledge of Windows and Microsoft software

Suggested skills (not mandatory)

  • Any knowledge or experience with game development environment would also be advantageous (Unity, Construct)
  • Any experience in any JavaScript/HTML5 framework would also be highly beneficial
  • Good knowledge of Version Control
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university

Perks (what we offer)

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To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to